Headingley Karate
Practical Martial Arts for Self Defence

Shinseido - a practical and effective martial art for ordinary people

Teaching Self Defence in Headingley since 2001

FREE trial lesson - come along to any session

NO membership fees, NO grading fees

Adult only classes

Take the Ritual out of your training, put the Realism in

Training at Headingley Parish Hall, St. Michaels Road

2020 Training times - every Tuesday & Thursday 7.15 - 9.15 pm. Click here for more information.

Contact Mike Flanagan on 07939 506340 or email Mike at mike@headingleykarate.org for further details.

Shinseido for Beginners

  • Learn simple and effective techniques that work.
  • Learn how to avoid violence and how to de-escalate confrontations.
  • Gear your training towards your level of fitness, health and age (no need to get fit first, just come along and join in).
  • Have fun, get fitter and learn an invaluable skill.
  • Learn to discipline both mind and body.
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Trained in Karate before

  • Revolutionise your understanding of Karate.
  • Learn the full range of old style Karate techniques, not just kicking and punching.
  • Learn effective bunkai (applications) for the kata you already know.
  • Learn how to attack kyusho (vital points), to maximise the effect of your techniques.
  • Be part of a living tradition, based on the historical kata of Okinawan Shorin Ryu.
  • Find new direction at the end of your competition career.
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Trained in other martial arts before

  • Don't replace what you've already learned, build on it.
  • Learn the pre-fight body language skills essential for self-defence.
  • No need to stop training in your current art.
  • Hone your techniques for use in self-defence, not the sporting arena.
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